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Halloween Event 2013!

Halloween is here Roserians!

Heburkal always disliked The City of Junon Polis and once it nears Halloween... Heburkal gets his power rejuvenated and terrorizes Junon! With the mysterious powers, the night time has been extended to help players combat the invasion force of Heburkal.

The evil Heburkal's Pet and Arachnid monsters will have a low chance of dropping the mount versions of themselves as well! You can seek the aid of [Guide] Eva or the two [Soldiers] Odelo and Winters to gather more information!

The Lovely [Mysterious Traveler] Edeline will be in Adventurer's Plain ready with tasks and quests for you Adventurers! These quests are from past's time but you might see a new one arise from the mists. You can't miss her! She will be next to the Giant Pumpkin in Adventurer's Plain. Edeline also loves old Fairytales! Be sure to wear a costume as a normal set and she'll probably mistake you as someone else, sending you on an epic quest!

[Mysterious Traveler] Edeline also has a tale of the Legend of the Grand Pumpkin. Listen to her words and then you can search for the haunting Grand Pumpkin in the Desert of the Dead!

Be on the lookout for two new costume sets in the Lucky Spin! They will be exclusive only to Halloween.

Halloween in ROSE Online will last from October 18th, 2013 to November 1st, 2013 so be sure to Trick or Treat as much as possible beforehand!

Want updates on all the new content coming out this Fall? Check out our Official ROSE Online Facebook for all the details!
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