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Mr. ROSE 2014 Contest!

Welcome Roserians to the Very First Mr. ROSE Contest! This Contest will be available for all male characters within ROSE Online. It's time to show off how buff, manly, awesome, and even sensitive you can be. This won't just be about the brawn though, brains will play a big part IF you want to win the first ever Mr. ROSE 2014! In the end, we will have 6 finalists and only one can obtain the the title of first EVER.. Mr. ROSE, so who will it be!?!

To enter into Mr. ROSE 2014... Submit your application in a PM Myself(within the Forums) with the Questions below filled out. This will be the only way to Register!

In-game Name ::

Forum Name ::

Favorite Color ::

Favorite Food ::

Hobbies ::

Why you feel like you should be Mr ROSE 2014 ::

Favorite Zone (Put up to 5 Zones, You will be representing this zone for the competition) ::

Talents ::

If you were a BBQ meat, which BBQ meat would you be and why ::

If you were any monster (on ROSE), which monster would you be and why ::

A Fire is loose within Junon Polis! The [Tavern Owner] Harin is stuck in her Tavern as the fire closes in AND the cart that is holding all the coal the Moldies gathered for months is about to get hit by the fire. What will YOU do to save them!? ::

Registration will end January 22nd, 2014! or until we get 30 contestants! So Pm me today!

The Way to win :: The way to win this years’ Mr ROSE 2014 is to win the hearts of the people of ROSE Online. For the first three contests, the users of ROSE Online along with the GM team will be voting for the first two contests! The Final Contest will be strictly on the Gravity Staff to vote for Mr. ROSE 2014! Myself/CM’s/GM’s will be confirming the legitimacy of the contest. After each contest, the "guys" with the lowest amount of votes will be taken out of the competition. After the first contest, 16 contestants will remain and the after the second. The Final Contest should have 6 contestants fighting for the gold.

(Once you pick a map to represent... you are sticking with it to the end!)

The 1st Contest will be :: Dress the Part! This contest will have up to 30 “doods” dressing to best suit the attitude of each planet. This will be your way of expressing how each planet makes you feel. There are no guidelines for this event, so get creative! You will only have to dress for the area your representing(EX: Marsh of Ghosts, Junon Polis, Mana Snowfields, etc). For example, dressing for Junon since it has lots of beaches, you can wear Swim wear and for Luna, you can wear winter clothes. (Votes will be taken by the players/GM and CM Staff)

The 2nd Contest will be :: Feats of Strength! This Contest will have 16 “doods” bringing out their "guns" to show off to the ROSE Online community! We want to see you fighting off hordes(tons) of monsters or fighting off hordes of other ROSE Players! So show off an awesome screenshot, video, or art of you being super manly! The image/video/comic/art must show you fighting on the zone you represent! If it's not clear that your fighting on your zone then the entry WILL NOT QUALITY. (If done in swimwear, extra points award) (Votes will be taken by the players and Gravity Staff) (Could be Live-Streamed!)

The 3rd and Final Contest will be :: Talent Show! This contest will have 6 “doods” showing off their talent to the players of ROSE Online. This could range from a short-story, a song, a drawing, and a video of you flexing, whatever. The sky is the limit. (Votes will be taken by the Gravity Staff) (Will be Live-Streamed!)

For the Talent Show, it should be known that everything done/created should be PG friendly.

Rules for Mr. ROSE 2014 ::

  • No Stacking votes in an ill-gotten manner. This means if an account is found trying to stack the vote for a certain contestant. It can also be making it seem that they are trying to stack the vote for a another contestant. If that is the case then that account can be suspended on forums and in-game until further notice.

  • No inappropriate pictures/videos/entries/submissions/text

  • Absolutely no trolling/flaming of any kind on the Thread/PM’s/In-game
  • /Anywhere for the contestants.
  • No foul play!

  • Have fun!

If any of these rules are broken, it can lead to you being disqualified.

Who will be this years' Mr ROSE 2014!? The people of ROSE Online will soon find out..

The Winner of Mr. ROSE 2014 will win...

  • Very Unique Costume that has NEVER been given out before. More details to come...

  • Plus More!

  • And Even More~

  • Even more details to come...

Head over to our Forums for all the details!

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