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I <3 ROSE Online Event... Again!

The sun is out, the skies are blue(for the most of NA), and it’s the perfect time to be taking pictures with your camera phone(or regular camera). Show your love for ROSE Online by taking pictures of you being outside or inside and completing the tasks we have created for you guys! If this sounds familiar... good for having a great memory! We did an event like this back in 2012. We created a sign for you to use for this event which you can find (-> Here <- is the most printer friendly image.

It's pretty simple; print out the official "I <3 ROSE Online" picture and complete as many tasks as you can with each picture. If multiple users happen to complete all the tasks, the first person to complete said tasks will win the grand prize.. speaking of which...

~ Prizes ~

1st Place :: 3,500 Item Mall Points

2nd Place :: 2,000 Item Mall Points

3rd Place :: 1,500 Item Mall Points

4th-7th Place :: 800 Item Mall Points

The Event Starts today(6/6) and will last until... July 11th, 2014!

Begin :: June 6th, 2014

Ends :: July 11th, 2014

~ How can you participate in this? ~

  • You need a camera(phone camera works)

  • You might need a friend, family member, or clan member to help you

  • You will need to have the sign of “I <3 ROSE Online” on your person(on yourself or in the shot) to receive credit

  • You will need to be in the picture but you can cover your face if you wish

  • Once you post your pictures in the thread below, please label the pictures with the numbered tasks above the picture to show which tasks you completed

  • All pictures (entries) must be within one post! Posts can be edited and reserved(which is very encouraged)

~ Rules of this game ~

  • You MUST have the sign “I <3 ROSE Online” on your person to qualify.

  • You can only have up to 10 pictures per entry. So you want to get as many tasks in as you can per picture.

  • There will be no Photoshopping or any third party programs done on any of the entries. If so, you may be disqualified

  • Any entries should not infringe on any copyrighted law of any party and you are representing your photos that you submit.

  • You may only enter once per WarpPortal account.

  • At any time, any place (not really) a CM/Moderator has the right to ask proof for the legitimacy/genuineness of an entry.

  • Each participant must post their own entries and be visible in their entry.

  • All entries must be visible within your post, no links to your entries.

  • Remember to be safe and to always have fun! It doesn’t hurt to be creative too.

~ Tasks ~

Remember! You can only have 10 entries (pictures) per person so try to get as many objectives in as you can in each picture.

1. By some water (pool, river, glass of water, etc.)

2. By some Adventure Time (Toys, on the TV, Shirts, etc.)

3. By some wildlife (Horse, Squirrel, Seagull, Nothing that can put you in danger though, etc.)

4. By some Plushies(Can be stacked with #2 and #61)

5. In a library

6. Next to at least 3 books

7. On your bike

8. By a pet (dog, cat, fish, hamsters, lizards, etc.)

9. By some Ramen

10. By your/a car

11. By your Video games

12. Wearing a hat

13. By some balloons

14. Holding or by Lots of jellybeans

15. By a Taxi

16. Wearing a pair of Sunglasses

17. Wearing multi-pairs of Sunglasses

18. At a Sporting Area(Tennis Rack, Baseball Field, Golf Course, etc.)

19. By your music (CD's, Cassette tapes, Vinyl only count!)

20. Enjoying some Ice Cream

21. On/In a Hammock

22. By a national landmark

23. On an airplane or train

24. When giving a high-five

25. Around or near Bacon

26. In a Public Restroom

27. While Upside down (Flipping the picture doesn’t count)

28. At an amusement park

29. With a miner cap on(Doesn't have to be real)

30. At the beach

31. Holding your favorite movie

32. While at work (be covert about it!)

33. Next to a celebrity

34. Near some snow

35. At the fruit aisle at the super market

36. Enjoying some BBQ

37. Near a fountain

38. Near a sandcastle

39. While Flying a kite

40. By your creation!(Lego creation, something you made with your hands, surprise me!)

41. Dressed up as a comic book hero/villain

42. At a comic book store

43. While cooking food

44. Next to a ROSE Tattoo

45. Dressed up as one of the ROSE Classes (Solider, Hawker, etc.)

46. While exercising

47. In your swimwear

48. On a Ferris wheel

49. While on a bumper car

50. With another ROSE member

51. With 3-4 ROSE Clan members

52. While having a pop collar on your t-shirt

53. While having 3 or more pop collars on you

54. While holding/near on you 2 or more kittens

55. While holding/near on you 2 or more puppies

56. On/next to a tree

57. While playing cards

58. While playing ROSE Online

59. With the troll face on

60. With a smile on (Only counts once!)

61. By some Bee and Puppycat(Plushies, shirts, Cartoon, etc.)

62. Holding a Mole (DON'T DO IT)

On the off-chance that more than one person gets all the tasks completed or gets the same amount of points, the first one who did it will be awarded first.

This Thread will not be used for comments or suggestions about this event! This Thread will only be used for posting the entries! Remember, posts can be reserved! You can go -> Here(Coming Soon) <- for them.

Biggest rule for this game.. No Flaming/Trolling Images and Keep the Images "E" for everyone! Plus... Have fun with it! The image doesn't have to be in color!

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