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Valentine's Event 2018

It's that time again, love is in the air but unfortunately the normally dependable bringer of romance: Qpid is not! It appears as though our  friend has crash-landed in Adventurer's Plains! He needs your help to complete his mission Roserians! Any Characters that are level 120 and up will have to take Qpid's list and deliver love throughout Junon, Luna, and Eldeon. If you complete this, he may be willing to reward you with his very own bow! 

To complete this lovely mission, players will need to gather up the rare world drop Magic Heart Candies that the local monsters have been hording as they find them quite tasty. If you can recover enough of them, you may be able to use their power to complete Qpid's mission! If you are too low leveled for the quest, there is no need to worry! Qpid will gladly exchange the candies for the fun and useful event items that everyone can enjoy! Remember! Magic Heart Candies go bad after 2 weeks, so they will have to be removed after the event! Just be sure to spend all your Candies before the event ends!

In addition to this, it seems Qpid's arch rival and nemesis the dreaded Pinkheart Pork-Fiend has invaded Orlo! This eccentric flying pig can dish out a ton of punishment, but if you can defeat this challenging menace... he may drop his hammer or a rare mini Qpid pet summon skill book! The resilient nuisance seems to spawn every 20 minutes and prefers the climate of a nice desert Oasis (especially those at The Wastelands, and The Wasteland Ruins Path). Do you have the bacon to take him down?!

Love, candied hearts, chocolate, and flying bacon! All the things that make up a traditional Valentine's Day will be available from February 10th to February 25th so don't miss out!

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