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Leap Year Item Mall Box
Available between February 29th and March 6th, players can purchase the Leap Year Box (200 Points)which contains 1 of the following

Red Jellybean Stew (100)
Akram Storage Coupon (20)
Wizard's Glasses
Elf Ears
Perfect Repair Hammer (20)
Re-Roll Hammer (20)
Testimony of Retraining
Arua's Blessing (2)
Weekend Warrior Box*
Doctor Costume Box (Costume Set 5% More EXP/Drops)
Box of Plutorunes
Brave Medal
Tuned Chaser Engine
Emerald Butterfly Wings
Crystal Butterfly Wings
Ruby Butterfly Wings
Monarch Butterfly Wings

Weekend Warrior Box gives 4 of the 5 items listed as follows:

Trainee Medal
Medal of Fortune
ROSE Teleportation Ticket (10)
Soul Crystal (5)

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