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Patch Notes v667

ROSE Patch Notes

Patch Notes v667

ROSE Anniversary

ROSE 13th Anniversary Event

December 5 - December 31

Happy Anniversary ROSE Online! ROSE Online is so thankful to our Roserians for another year of fun! We are celebrating ROSE Online’s 13th anniversary, and everyone is invited to the celebration!
Join us on a trip down memory lane! Speak to Arua's fairy in Adventure Plains and be transported to a magical Isle where you will face super powered Choropies, Jelly Beans and Scuba Moldies! Complete the Anniversary event quest and participate this year for a chance at Anniversary event items, including the Anniversary jewelry set, the Scuba Moldie Pet, and the Scuba Moldie mount and the Anniversary Costume!
Make sure to collect all the special anniversary items as this celebration will only last until December 31st!

ROSE Christmas

December 13 - January 3
The holiday season is upon us once again! Our Christmas Event will begin on December 13 and run until January 3! When the day hits, visit [Guide] Eva in Junon Polis to start your quest. You can read more about it on our Christmas Event page!

Lucky Spin

  • Cozy Sweethearts Costume
  • Icy Dance Costume
  • Winter Polar Costume
  • Elegant Winter Costume
  • Festive Christmas Costume
  • Jolly Holidays Party Costume
  • Merry Holidays Party Costume
  • Rudolph Costume
  • Snowman Costume
  • Festive Fairy Wings
  • Crystal Wings

Item Mall

Our Black Friday Sales continue as a Winter Sale! Plenty of time and opportunities to get your hands on some sweet items! The sale now lasts until January 15. Enjoy!

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