Hello Roserians! We'll be doing a server update on April 16, @2PM Server Time, to patch up a couple bugs, a few nick-knacks and check how things are with the servers. It should be a quick downtime, as we are not doing any major maintenance. Patch notes will be posted during the downtime.
Hello Roserians! We're going to do a quick server restart with a patch to correct various bugs and errors that were discovered after yesterday's update. These are non-game breaking bugs, which is why they were not addressed immediately yesterday once the servers were stabilized. Thank you for understanding, the details will be posted after the patch is available to download.
Hello Roserians! We will be having a server maintenance, April 9, @2PM Server Time. This maintenance will include a patch, with some new content and bug fixes. Patch notes will be posted during maintenance.
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