We're kicking the weekend up a notch with a Free Game Arena Energy weekend!
Starting from Friday, 7:30pm Server Time until Monday, August 24, @12:00pm, the Game Arena will be open for everyone to enjoy!
It's time to hit those skill books once again! Join us and your Visitor classmates - new and old - in the Canyon City of Zant for some studying, testing, homework, and exam fun!

The Back to School Event starts August 20, and end September 8!
Some quick bug fixes before the weekend!
  • Corrected Clan Expansion skill not properly having been extended to level 30.
  • Corrected [Designer] Keenu's dialog to indicate requiring 3 Magical Coupons for a random trade in.
  • Corrected Krawfy & Green Krawfy name to no longer display "(30 Days)" as they are permanente mounts.
  • Corrected system error message indicating "Two-Handed Weapon" instead of "Two-Handed Sword" when attempting to equip an off-hand, while a Two-Handed Weapon was equipped.
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