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Visitors are born to be adventurers who love exploring dangerous or legendary places that others may fear. They have various abilities and skills that are ideal for exploring dangerous areas. Visitors can advance to Scouts which specialize in leading expeditions, or Raiders which focus on assassination.

Arua gave the Visitor the right to choose between 4 different classes, Soldier, Muse, Hawker or Dealer at level 10 and proceed to the advanced classes at level 100.

As a Visitor, you won't be able to learn any skills until you select a job.

Becoming a Visitor

ROSE Online Visitor

When you first create a character you are a Visitor. Once in game, you will meet Arua's fairy to introduce you to the world.


The first weapon of the Visitor is the Wooden Sword. It is part of the gear received when creating a new character. Any weapon that does not have a Job requirement can usually be equipped by Visitors. Therefore, Visitors are free to use any kind of weapons as long as they meet the level or stat requirements.

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