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ROSE Online is a free roaming, level-up based MMORPG, featuring anime inspired graphics. Fight monsters, gain character levels, obtain new skills, and find equipment to prepare yourself for battles. Travel to different planets, explore new environments, and declare war against other clans. The game features its own in-game economy which is directly controlled by players. Supply and demand changes each day so calculate risks and seize opportunities.


Clans are a great way to team up with friends and take on the monsters of ROSE or confront clans in PvP battles!

Clan Masters grow the clan stronger by upgrading the clan by farming clan points which are obtained by hunting monsters in Clan Fields. Remember to watch out for other clans as Clan Fields is a PvP Zone!


ROSE Online transport

ROSE Online features 3 forms of transportation. Castle Gear causes great damage to enemies in battles, The Cart allows you to efficiently traverse the land, and the Flying Vessel grants you the power to travel between the seven planets. Customize Carts and Castle Gears by changing parts and upgrading abilities.

Monster Level Information

Monster health

A monsters' level is identified by their name color. Stronger monsters give more experience points and rewards, but may require a party to be defeated.

Strong Monsters: Purple, Pink, Red
Normal Monsters: Orange, Yellow, Green
Weak Monsters: Blue, Azure, Grey

Choosing an Attack Mode

Choose an attack mode in the Option Windows (ALT+O). Change your Attack Targeting settings under the Play Settings, in the lower half of the window.

1st Click: Target, 2nd Click: Attack

Use this mode for classes that require more ranged skills, such as Muse. Target an enemy by clicking the left mouse button, then choose a skill to attack. Double click the left mouse button to initiate the chosen attack.

1 Click: Target & Attack

Use this mode for classes that require fewer skills and more close combat attacks. A single left click of the mouse will both target an enemy and initiate attack at the same time. The 1 Click: Target & Attack mode makes it easier for melee class characters to hunt monsters.

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