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Server Maintenance - 2023-05-10

Server Maintenance - 2023-05-10

May 10, 2023

Hello everyone, we are preparing to deploy the Luna Clan Field update. We will start the server maintenance for the patch approximately 1hr 20mins Start time: 12PM ET (4PM GMT) End time: 12:30PM ET (4:30PM GMT)

New Ideas Section

New Ideas Section

April 21, 2023

We are happy to announce that we have added a new [Ideas]( section to the forum! The Ideas area will feature a voting system that allows you to upvote or downvote ideas submitted by members of the community. This will help us better understand which features or changes you would like to see implemented, and prioritize accordingly.

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Red Rose ROSE Online

There are various tales, fantasies, and legends around the seven planets and many of them contain some grain of truth. Our universe, or as it was called in the old tales, the 'Sea of Souls', was a vast ocean of darkness until the goddess Arua created the seven planets. Each one of them was special and unique. However, all seven planets were created with Arua's love and they shined with the brilliance of seven stars, filling the vast ocean of darkness with wondrous light and life.

However, Hebarn, god of malice, grew envious of Arua for her creative power.
He forcefully took the seventh planet and pompously named it after himself. Hebarn had become a constant threat to the peace of the seven planets as well as to the goddess Arua.
To protect the planets from Hebarn's looming menace, Arua created the Visitors, living beings to protect and inhabit the planets. They were scattered among the seven planets to bring peace and justice to the different worlds.