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August 12, 2022 - August 14, 2022

We will be opening up our alpha server to the community to connect so we can observe how our systems handle many players.

The goal of this test is to evaluate how are systems handle many players connecting. We'll be giving everyone access to our updater and game client which will allow you to connect and play the game. We want to remind everyone that this is an ALPHA stress test. There are still known (and unknown) bugs in both the launcher and the game but if you encounter any serious ones then please let us know by posting on the forums.

This is an alpha stress test so please set your expectations accordingly, it's very likely that the servers will crash at some point so please be patient with us as we monitor our services.

To download the game client, please download and run the setup: This will install the game to your desired location. Running the updater will download the game files. Feel free to stop and restart the updater as needed, it will automatically continue the download process.

With that being set, we've put together a small amount of content. Something is not quite right on Birth Island...will you be the visitor.

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