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Skill Update! It's here!

The Skill Update has finally come so that means it's time to Rediscover ROSE Online! Since Skills/Stats will be changed... Every Character will receive Skill/Stat restats will be provided so you can test different builds and figure out which will work best for you!

Skill Update

Skill/Stat resets will be made available for a short period for all existing characters that will be automatically redeemed upon login. There will be a special skill and stat reset SKILL being provided so that you will have the freedom to reset at any time to play test different builds and figure out which will work best for you. These special resets will last for 24 hours of active game time (timer stops when you log out), from logging in, so you should have more than enough time to test many builds, play styles solo, with a group and between PvP and PvM, before you settle on the build that works best for you.

Game Changes

  • Hit Points
  • Status Effect Values
  • Class Unique Stat Buffs
  • Critical System
  • Refine Values
  • Summoning
  • Status Effects
  • Unique Skills


Soldiers have been reinforced with the basics. They have a higher HP modifier than any base class. They remain the tough fighter that likes to get in to the mix and can endure a beating. They can now support their party through boosting the basic things they rely on, such as strength, attack power, health and defense.

With multiple choices of weapons to gain proficiency in, each now offers something unique to the soldier's style of adventure.

1 Hand Swords, offer a balanced mix to fight 1 on 1 or in groups, with ways to sustain yourself during a fight. Mixing both magical and physical abilities, making your tank full of surprises in combat.

Shields, have their own offensive use, with ways to control the fight through stuns and keeping their opponent from becoming too powerful, or just slamming the shield right up in to their face for some solid and quick damage, all while defending you and your party, makes shields a little more aggressive than before.

Crossbows have now become part of the normal training for the soldier and since you can wield it with one hand, there's no sacrifice to the ability to defend yourself with your shield. You can now help and defend your party from afar as a secondary or primary tank, with more reach than a sword!
2 Hand Swords take the example from their 1 Handed sibling, but with more power behind it. A balanced mix of single, group and magic based skills, makes the 2 Handed swords a versatile weapon tree to master.

Spears when trained well are the masters of handling opponents en mass! With the reach of a spear, you have the ability to affect lager groups with the flash and grace of master dancer. Extend your reach and unleash the furious blows to all those in range to bring them down.

Axes are the preferred weapon of choice for executioners. Armed in training for high damage and critical power, they are to be feared when facing a Champion alone and unsupported. Axes have the highest natural damage output when trained right and can be a fearsome weapon tree to invest in to.


Masters of magic, the Muse class has been redefined and now plays closer to heart what they were meant to be.

With the introduction of the Mana Shield, the survivability of the Muse class now has the ability to stand tall with the others.

If you wish to stand in the distance, casting spells and covering areas with the elements, grab your staff and lay waste to any opponent that has the misfortune of entering your sights. The offensive tree now offers 4 distinct elemental types to wield. Water, Wind, Fire and Sorcery! With some unique skills you can train to increase your reach or empower your spells further, the magic caster is back with a bang!

The supportive tree is not something to scoff at either, inside you will find that the single and party version of buffs are now a basic asset of the class, with a full healing tree, summon section and battle skills. However now you must choose your path wisely, as the skills available to you allow you to create many paths, to go offensive, supportive, summoner or a hybrid of each or all!
With the allowance of the basic support skills to be cast with any weapon, custom battle builds can return such as the once flavorful "DEX Cleric" to game play with how many of the trees are setup and mechanics now work.

Muses have returned to the field as the masters of magic and with this force, they regain their standing as the high damage dealers they once were, while also needing the delicate care of not letting themselves get close to the mix of combat, or they quickly learn how squishy, squishy can be.


Speed, agility and cunning have always been the traits of a strong Hawker. The updates to the Hawker, Raider and Scout have been to enhance the skill style they embody, by providing means to out maneuver their opponents, use skills to overcome strengths and exploit weaknesses.

Taking up the bow or crossbow offers advantages of range, control over elements and your opponents through careful aim, and skill effects that can help give them the edge in many situations of combat. With the crossbow, you have a free hand to wield a shield with, to provide yourself extra defenses. Offering a mixture of close range and long range abilities, can make this a formidable choice to dungeon run or increase your honor with.

But if range isn't your thing and you feel like getting up close and personal, the katar Raider and dual Raiders still hold strong to their choice of combat.

The Katar Raider specializes in increased attack speed, critical blows and stealthily getting the drop on your opponent. The new skill tree provides a style of quick damage dealing while relying on your ability to avoid taking any damage.

The Dual Raider specializes more in penetrating defenses, making those hard hits count while reducing the abilities of your opponent to withstand any punishment that may come their way. With enhanced debuffs and other skills of cunning, the Dual Raider makes its return to the battle field.


The street smarts of a Dealer has given them the insight to always keep from harm's view. While the gun provides with a great ability of ranged single target combat, the Launcher is also just as useful in its powerful and group designed combat style.

Gun Bourgeois have the advantages of furthering the skills of the gun or the launcher, by investing more in to what makes each weapon style great. Guns have taken on a single target opponent specialty, where you can really give someone the fear of coming under your scope.

Launcher Bourgeois have been enhanced with several skills and abilities where it allows them to rain terror from above with multiple Area of Effect skills, to dispatch a group with force. Some of these enhancements include expanding the explosive radius of their skills or causing the critical blows to hurt that much more.

Artisans have been simplified further, where the crafting skills have been compressed in to fewer levels, allowing more freedom to build skills to gain all craft skills and be the ultimate crafter or to mix in some skills to use in battle, or merely to let your minions do your bidding. Battle Artisans are now possible, with a decent ability to cater to most craft skills.

Skill Update Notes

All skills ? All skills have been set so they use accuracy to hit, so it is possible to miss with skills now, however we have also updated them to allow for critical hits as well, so the damage potential is higher depending on build.

(Katar Raiders) Cloak ? Now permits a number of melee attacks or one skill use while invisible, before the next attack makes you visible again.

(Knights & Scouts Shield Tree) Reflect Damage ? Reflects incoming attacks back at the attacker, by taking a % of the attacker's resulting attack power from attacks or skills and applies it back to the attacker instead of reflecting a portion of the damage done back to the attacker.

(Muse) Mana Shield ? Converts a % of available mana into a barrier that will prevent damage up to the amount of the barrier.

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