Patch Notes - 2024-04-09

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Patch Notes - 2024-04-09
April 09, 2024

Good afternoon all,

This patch is primarily targeted to fix the active issues with clans. However, we also resolved some transparency issues with items and changed the Arua/Hebarn dailies so they reset at a fixed time everyday rather than counting down 24 hours after completion. We've additionally introduced a new scroll for Ancient Oasis Shrine

Thanks all for your patience. We will be enabling 2x clan point rewards for 48 hours to accommodate for the downtime related to clans.


    All Hebarn/Arua dailies are now true dailies resetting at the same time everyday
    Reworked Fulmo and Skualo dialogs to show quest emoticons for daily quests
    Fixed and improved quest icons for several Orlo Quests in particular Bruise Quest Suite
    Added new Ancient Oasis Shrine Return Scroll
    Added Muris Return Scroll and Ancient Shrine Return Scroll to Brizo's shop in Ancient Oasis Shrine
    Fixed default save town being outside of the world
    Fixed transparency issues on:
        Black Pirate Hat
        Blue Pirate Hat
         Green Pirate Hat
         Purple Pirate Hat
        Red Pirate Hat
        Pumpkin Backpack
        Hawaiian Costume
        Wings of Ice
        Wings of Fire
        Wings of Nature
        Insane Shaman Backpack
        Angelic Wings (all colors)
        Seraph Wings
        Magic Wisezard Hat