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Thanksgiving Event! Eat your heart out 2013!

Calling all Rosearians, it's time to prepare a feast for all of Junon!

Darren, the Mayor of Junon is asking all visitors to come forward and help prepare the feast, but to do so we must also give thanks to many of the great people who have helped us along the way. Thanking people for their efforts throughout the years, will prove to Darren and the Akram Kingdom that you have what it takes to help prepare the feast for all of Junon! Of course, no good deed goes unnoticed. After you have given thanks to the various people in Junon, Darren will bestow upon you a map. But this is not just any map, this map is said to contain the location of the great Turkey Shooter! A weapon so powerful that the cries of a thousand turkeys can be heard each and every time it is used!

This will not be an easy task, but those brave enough will prevail! Will you be the first to build the great Turkey Shooter? Starting this Tuesday, November 22nd login to find out!

If that wasn't enough, the Super Worm Dragon is said to have returned to the Gorge of Silence! Last year must have taken it's toll on the great beast, as he will now only be available during the nighttime within the Gorge of Silence. Enter at your own risk!

The Thanksgiving Event begins November 16th, 2013 and ends December 1st, 2013 so don't delay!

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