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It's Summer Time~ Summer Festival 2014!

Time to check out Sunshine Coast!

The Summer Heat is here Roserians! In honor of this amazing summer in ROSE Online, we are holding a great summer festival in Sunshine Coast! Please join us in celebrating the 2014 Summer Festival by playing games and winning prizes! Mingle with your fellow Visitors and with the citizens of Sunshine Coast that have come out to the beach to play with us and have lots of fun!

You can participate in mini-games such as Chicken Races, Digging for Treasures, Clown Throwing, Summer Fishing, Scavenger Hunts, and much more! Earn Festival Tickets to trade for great prizes such as gorgeous Yukatas, Bikinis, and more. We would like to remind you to please keep the beach clean during the festival. If too much trash is left on the beach, the mini-games will temporarily close until the trash has been removed. So clean up after yourselves!

The Scavenger Hunt is the event to complete this year as well! As now it requires Festival Tickets to participate. You can still obtain the Special Summer Basket as a reward. Inside is a chance to obtain a rare off-hand Fan accessory that is sure to please everyone and if that wasn't enough, you even have a chance to win a Pogo Outfit and much more!

Join us on June 1st to June 30th, 2014 for the 2014 Summer festival!!
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