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Patch Notes - v449 (450)
The Mayor of Junon, Darren, is once again asking for Visitors to assist in preparing a Thanksgiving feast for all of Junon. In exchange for helping him, he will offer up the location of the great Turkey Shooter, a launcher that channels the wrath of a thousand angry turkeys!
The Thanksgiving event will run from November 13th and will end on the 27th.

Super Worm Dragon
This fearsome dragon will now show its face from time to time. Angering the beast can drive it to show more frequently, attacking the City of Selva village in the Gorge of Silence.

Item Mall
The LuckySpin has been given an update with a new costume, the Autumn Vintage Clothing set along with the Cowboy, Indian and Hunter Costumes with the added bonus of the Warp Portal Character costume boxes!

Also, for Black Friday, we are offering an Autumn Holiday lucky box, as well as sales on Shop Coupons to help you increase your own Black Friday sales, and a sale on Storage Expansion to give you extra room to stock up on holiday goodies.
Bug Fixes
Corrected an issue with the Sea of Dawn weapons not displaying critical blows or some effects in combat.
v450 Corrected an issue where the Thanksgiving event was unable to be progressed through fully.
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