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Shop Update - 2023-03-24
March 24, 2023

Hello all, we're excited to release a new update today. This patch includes a variety of changes but a few that we wanted to highlight!

PVP Balance

We've heard player's feedback regarding PVP made adjustments to some contentious skills for Clerics, Mages and Knights. The changes we've made here are based on feedback we've received from a variety of sources and players, including those that exclusively play PVM! We hope these changes will change the PVP landscape a little and provide more balanced gameplay. As always, nothing is set in stone and we will continue to make changes based on feedback and information we gather.

For knights, we have converted the "Sacrifice" skill to be exclusively a PVM skill. This is a very strong skill that was quite dominant in PVP gameplay, especially in group dynamics. Knights will continue to be able to taunt their enemies using impact wave but will no longer be able to use sacrifice in PVP. Down the road we would like to re-visit the taunting mechanic in general.

For clerics we have increased the cooldowns for mana shield (4 sec -> 6 sec), salamander flames (2.5 sec -> 6 sec) and mana flames (2.5 sec -> 6 sec). With this adjustment we hope to see a reduction of mana shield/flame "spam" in group PVP without a big impact on PVM.

Finally, for mages we have reduced the scaling on some passives to reduce their maximum potential mana and increased the cooldown of the fortified mana shield. Mana shield scales on maximum mana so this will reduce the maximum defense the shield can provide while still maintaining the utility of the shield itself.

Engine Upgrades

This update we've made some pretty significant upgrades to the engine. From a technical perspective we have converted all the fixed function code to a shader pipeline. For our players, this should be a transparent change but you may experience a minor performance improvement depending on your hardware. However, our main motivation for these improvements was to invest in the future of ROSE Online and bringing it to modern standards. Converting the engine to shaders is the first step in a process to truly upgrading the engine. For example, going forward we can now upgrade to Directx10 then Directx11 or port our renderer to a new technology stack and leverage Vulkan or Directx12. With a modern graphics API we'll be able to implement new rendering techniques which opens a lot of opportunities for the future in terms of new visual features (gpu animations, lighting, shadows, etc.) and the potential for massive performance improvements. As a first experiment, we made some changes to the way water is rendered to add a blending effect which makes the whole animation much smoother:

Water Video

Personal Shop Saving Update

In this patch we've made some changes to how personal shops work. Now, whenever you open your shop the server will remember your listings for you so that if you disconnect or return to the game later you can quickly and easily setup your shop again. Additionally, we updated the shop interface so closing the shop window won't reset your listings. Now if you want to reset your shop you may use the new "reset" button (or drag out each item if that's your thing). While we believe these changes are a great quality of life improvement they are also the beginnings of our larger vision for shops in general. In the future we will take the systems we built here and expand them into a new comprehensive shop system with offline-vending, multi-shop support and more!

...and more!

We've made many more changes beyond these ones such as increasing the stats on Turak, adding a safe area on Sikuku Ruins, and improving game controller support. Make sure to checkout the full list of patch notes below. Thanks!


  • Gamepad
    • Added ability to select character with left stick or dpad
    • Added ability to control message boxes with gamepad (A: yes, B: no)
    • Added ability to create a char using the Y button
    • Added ability to delete a char with X
    • Added ability to skip cutscenes with a gamepad (B or START)
    • Added support for navigating quest item dialogs and event dialogs (ex. Luna Warp Gates or Keg Backpack)
    • Updated selection so Dialog now is selected instead of previously having to move stick first
  • Maps
    • Adventurer's Plains
      • Reduced spawns that were increased just for the early access launch
    • Valley of Luxem Tower
      • Reduced spawns that were increased just for the early access launch
    • Breezy Hills
      • Reduced spawns that were increased just for the early access launch
    • Junon Cartel
      • This map has been removed
    • Training Grounds:
      • Updated to have same conditions as game arenas (e.g. no heal over time consumables, PVP potions only)
      • Added spawn protection
      • Moved the default spawn location
    • Sikuku Ruins
      • Boosted stats of Turak
      • Added a safe zone near the entrance of the map
  • Skills
    • Soldier
      • Sacrifice skill restricted to PVM
    • Muse
      • Mana Shield cooldown increased from 4 sec to 6 sec
      • Salamander Flame cooldown increased from 2.5 sec to 6 sec
      • Mana Flame cooldown increased from 2.5 sec to 6 sec
    • Mage
      • Staff Channel reduced from 10 max mp to 5 max mp
      • Mana Reservoir reduced from 15 max mp to 5 max mp
      • Fortified Mana Shield cooldown changed from 6sec to 8sec
    • Misc:
      • Added "PvM" to Sacrifice Skill and Skillbook Name and added description
      • "Melee Attack" renamed to "Auto Attack"
      • "Recovery" skill type has been renamed to "Heal"
      • "Restore" status renamed to "Heal Over Time"
      • "Recovery" status renamed to "Heal Over Time"
      • Changed target type "Party Member" by "Party Member(s)" for less confusion on party heal
  • Game Arena
    • Lowered Akram Arena requirement to be 8v8 to help some time zones. The maximum is unchanged (15v15).
  • Items
    • Changed Jeff Backpack (Alpha Tester reward) to Event grade type and it can now be refined with Jupiterunes
    • Added new icon for Jeff Backpack
    • Description added for Jeff Backpack
    • Updated the following items so that they can be refined:
      • All Christmas costume weapons
      • Chicken Headmount
      • Scavenger Hat
      • Wrangler Hat
    • Updated the following items so that they can be gemmed:
      • Book of Standards
      • Book of Concentration
      • Book of Charm
      • Elven Anthology
      • Basic Encyclopedia
      • Cornell's Diary
      • Magic Pearl
      • Tutankhamun's Book of Horus
      • Pharaoh's Book of Horus
      • Tutankhamun's Mammy Doll
      • Tutankhamun's Mummy Doll
      • Pharaoh's Mammy Doll
      • Pharaoh's Mummy Doll
      • ROSE Year Book
    • Fix Prophet Scepter gem appearing in the wrong location
    • Fix gems not appearing on several off-hands
  • Item Mall
    • Added new "Invisible Cape" item: Hides your back item (Wing/Backshield/Bag) when equipped as a costume item. This will be available in the next item mall update
  • Gameplay
    • Added feature for saving of personal store listings:
      • Buy/Sell listings will be saved between sessions (saved once the store is opened)
      • Closing the vending dialog window will no longer reset a players listings
      • A new button was added to reset shop listings
  • Engine
    • Removed all fixed function code and replaced with shaders. There might be a minor performance improvement for some players.
    • Added blending of water texture animations for a smoother effect
  • Server
    • Deployed new login server which will resolve some intermittent login issues some players might have experienced
  • Misc
    • Classic iROSE music fixed for Training Ground
    • Changed Music for Forgotten Temple(B2) to be the same as B1
    • Fixed all dialogs and NPC quest icons for all second job quests
    • Removed Quest Icons for Kaltet XIV and Satet XIV as they have no quests anymore.
    • Fixed all typo descriptions on Return Scrolls that were saying "Returns its user to x Return Scroll".
    • Fixed a typo in quest tracker for Hourglass of Purification (4)
    • Corrected zulie amount for Chewed Bone on Kreinto dialogs
    • Fixed Quest Tracker progression for Hunting for Feelers
    • Fixed Quest Tracker progression for Hunting for Molars
    • Fixed Quest Tracker progression for Show That King Who's Boss... I Mean Bacon
    • Fixed Quest Tracker progression for Uncovering the Secret
    • Added new "/ping" command to check ping
    • Added Give A Dog a Bone added to Quest Tracker
    • Added Give A Dog Another Bone added to Quest Tracker
    • Corrected Castle Gears dialogs mentionning Union Shops