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News New Year, New Insights: Access Our 2022 Behind-the-Scenes Posts!

New Year, New Insights: Access Our 2022 Behind-the-Scenes Posts!

December 29, 2023

In celebration of the new year, we have made all our 2022 Ko-Fi posts accessible to everyone! If you&#39;re interested in viewing these posts or becoming a supporter, please visit our page at <a href="" ipsnoembed="false" rel="external nofollow"></a> Below is a list of all the posts now available for everyone to enjoy!

News Item Mall November 2023 Update

Item Mall November 2023 Update

November 01, 2023

Only one event this month and it starts on November 13th.  We have some fall costumes to fit the Thanksgiving theme but first, big news! The day that old NA players have been waiting for is finally here- **The Priest Robe and Hat** are in the Item Mal!! The iconic Faith set will only be available for this month.

News Rule Breakers - Sept 2023

Rule Breakers - Sept 2023

October 13, 2023

We first posted a news article similar to this back at the start of 2023, moving forward we will be posting these monthly to give an overview on the actions we are taking on accounts that break our Terms of Service.

News New Ideas Section

New Ideas Section

April 21, 2023

We are happy to announce that we have added a new [Ideas]( section to the forum! The Ideas area will feature a voting system that allows you to upvote or downvote ideas submitted by members of the community. This will help us better understand which features or changes you would like to see implemented, and prioritize accordingly.

News Actions Taken Against In-Game RMT & Other Illicit Activities (Jan. 31)

Actions Taken Against In-Game RMT & Other Illicit Activities (Jan. 31)

January 31, 2023

Real money trading (RMT) and other illicit activities such as botting, macroing or exploiting bugs upset the balance of the game and, as such, are prohibited under the Terms of Service. We have been made aware and confirmed the existence of players who are engaging in these illicit activities. We have taken the actions listed below for those players. Time period: Dec. 13 2022 to Jan. 31 2023 * Participation in RMT/prohibited activities: - Accounts banned: 706 * Botting activity: - Accounts banned: 318 Players who discover cheats and/or bugs should, under no circumstances, exploit or disseminate such information. Instead, we ask that players file a report [here]( In addition, any witnessed RMT advertisement or botting activity can be reported with the same report button [here]( The report will be processed and actions will be taken if it is determined to be valid. We will continue to take stringent disciplinary action against any accounts engaged in RMT/illicit activity. Players should take care to avoid of any activity that violates the Terms of Service.

News Status Update 2023-01-06

Status Update 2023-01-06

January 06, 2023

We hope you all had a good holiday. We wanted to update you on the current status of the server and what the team are still working on.

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