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Luna Clan Field Update
May 10, 2023

The Luna Clan Field update is live! For details checkout our latest post here:


  • Quest
    • Fixed a bug with the Hero Quest 240-241 when the quest was abandoned
    • Fixed Quest Icon for Hero Quest 240-241 step
    • Fixed Quest "In Need of Water" in Quest Tracker
    • Fixed Easter Event set showing null for set name
  • Misc:
    • Update shops listings to save when the shop is opened rather than when the player disconnects
    • Enabled zooming in/out on the minimap using the mouse scroll wheel
    • Increased the frequency character data is saved
    • Added players information when targeting a player in PvP where you can see their name centered on top screen with their status
    • Updated some old HP bars
    • Fixed a case where some NPCs were not detected as enemies and the large HP bar would not appear when targeting them
    • Removed the annoying system messages "Skill is Being Cast" when using WASD or a gamepad
    • Fix a bug where chasing and auto attacking continues when a target is in Stealth or Cloaking
    • Disabled alt+f4 from closing the client
    • Fixed an issue where having the client open would prevent the monitor from going into sleep mode
    • Fixed an issue the "Render in Background" feature where it would keep rendering even when the option is not selected
    • Fixed an issue where some non target-table mobs or npcs could be targeted using the "target enemy" skill
    • Fixed an issue where you cannot target monsters or allies when on a mount using the "target enemy" skill
    • Fixed an issue where you cannot loot when on a mount using the "pickup" skill
    • Capitalized "Risen" in "Wings of the Risen Phoenix"
    • Prepared the game client to support new languages
      • Added French translations to the game data (in progress)
      • Improved the existing Portuguese translations
    • Fixed a bug in the client preventing international characters from correctly rendering, e.g. é, ñ, etc.
  • Gamepad
    • Fixed a bug when you can open 2 gamepad at the same provoking unexpected behaviors (ex: steam deck with external gamepad)
    • Disabled auto attack when moving since it was confusing behavior
    • Added ability to open store with button A
    • Added ability to close UIs with button B (same as ESC with keyboard)
  • Server:
    • Fixed a bug causing performance issues in Fossil Sanctuary
    • Fixed a bug with some AI that could cause the server to crash under certain conditions
    • Fixed a bug with game arena queues that could cause the server to crash under certain conditions
  • Luna Clan Field:
    • Scaled LCF for level 155 characters
      • Increased HP and exp for Astarot King and Astarot
      • Increased exp and levels for tirwins in LCF
    • Redesigned spawns in LCF
      • Converted Astarot King and Astarot to timed spawns
      • Astarots now only spawn in the side rooms
    • Added new crafting materials: Astarot Feathers, Frozen Sea Crystal
    • Redesigned drop tables for Astarot King and Astarot
      • Astarot Kings now have a chance of dropping Astarot Wings
      • Astarot Kings and Astarots now have a chance of dropping Astarot Feathers
    • Increased the size of the Astarot King
    • Added Astarot Wings as a droppable item
      • Astarot Wings have a level 155 requirement
      • Astarot Wings have similar stats to Phoenix Wings
      • Astarot Wings provide +40 Attack Power blue stat
      • Astarot Wings disassembles into Astarot feathers
    • Added new wings: Wings of the Fallen Astarot
      • Wings of the Fallen Astarot can be crafted by Artisans
      • Wings of the Fallen Astarot have similar stats to Wings of the Risen Phoenix
      • Wings of the Fallen Astarot provide +60 Attack power blue stat & +10% attack power Aura
    • Added Frozen Sea Crystal to Talratha drop tables in Sea of Dawn
    • Added a zone PVP debuff in LCF for players higher than level 180
    • Added a safe zone near the entrance of LCF