Update - 2023-05-21

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Update - 2023-05-21
May 21, 2023

A small Sunday update


  • Maps:
    • Luna Clan Field:
      • Reduced exp of tirwins and astarot
      • Converted Astarot King and Astarot spawns to tactical spawns, these bosses no longer spawn on a timer and must now be manually spawned by killing monsters in the area
      • Added a PvM debuff to the Astarot's Jealousy Debuff
      • Updated the Astarot King's AOE skill to include a dodge rate debuff and a stun chance
  • Misc:
    • Fixed a bug where a player dying in a shop could cause other players to disconnect
  • Experimental:
    • Increased the server tick rate
      • We have increased the tick rate of the server which should improve server responsiveness overall. However this has a chance to cause some issues so we will be carefully monitoring and tweaking this value as needed. Please report any issues on our forums or discord.