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Early Access - Release Date
November 15, 2022


Save the date!

We are pleased to announce that ROSE Online will launch into Early Access on December 13th, 2022!

Will you choose to follow the light of Arua or will you succumb to the darkness of Hebarn? Whether you take the path of the Dealer, Hawker, Muse or Soldier, adventure awaits!

Follow our website, forums or discord server for the latest updates.


Q: Is the game free-to-play?
A: Yes, ROSE Online is and will always be a free-to-play game.

Q: Where can I download the game?
A: The game will be available for download from our website shortly before the early-access release

Q: How can I access the game?
A: Players must register an account online at https://www.roseonlinegame.com/ to access the game.

Q: Can I reserve my character name(s)?
A: We will be releasing a paid name reservation system on November 22nd that will be accessible on our website at https://www.roseonlinegame.com/.

Q: Can I play from Europe/Asia/Middle East/etc.
A: Yes, we will not restrict players based on their geographic location.

Q: Is ROSE a "pay-to-win" game?
A: No, ROSE has an in-game item mall that only contains cosmetic and other similar items.

Q: Does ROSE run on MacOS/Linux/Steam Deck/etc?
A: We currently only provide official support for Windows. However, ROSE is compatible with other platforms by using compatibility software. We will provide more information about this at a later date.