Patch Notes - 2023-07-02

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Patch Notes - 2023-07-02
July 02, 2023

Happy Sunday everyone, a small patch to address fix some client crashes and players being unable to get into Desert of the Dead. We will also turn the fairy event back one with this patch.


  • Maps
    • Desert of the Dead: Fixed not being able to enter and being immediately teleported away
  • Items
    • Pogo Set: Changed to event grade
  • Quest
    • Updated "Keep the Smouly Out!" quest max level requirement to level 60
    • Updated Pein's dialogues and fixes his quest indicators
    • Fixed a typo in "Forbidden Spell (2)" quest
    • Fixed Hiria's Tear final objective in the quest tracker
    • Updated quest tracker objective for "Give a Dog a Bone"
    • Added new dialog options to turn in a pack of 10 or 100 Chewed Bones for either experience or zulie
    • Removed the option to turn in Chewed Bones for exp if player is already max level
  • UI
    • Fixed ctrl+c/ctrl+v causing the client to crash
    • Fixed numpad keys 4 and 6 not working correctly on the login screen
  • Misc
    • Updated Orlean Portal to not show warp options that you don't meet the requirements for
    • Added missing Portuguese translations for Kreinto's Chewed Bone dialogues