Shop Fix - 2023-09-13

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Shop Fix - 2023-09-13
September 13, 2023

This is a small patch to fix the current issue where players clients are crashing after vending a whole stack of items (or sometimes equipment). A few other fixes were included in this release.


  • Misc:
    • Fix clients crashing when selling whole stack or equipment
  • Duels:
    • Fix Debuffs, Stun and DoT skills not working in duels
  • Clan:
    • Fixed clans unable to learn past level 2 of "Clan Expansion" skill
    • Fixed clicking on online status triggering the entrust button behind it and triggering a permissions warning for non-masters
    • Fixed newly invited members not appearing on roster for clan members currently online
    • Fixed any clan member being able to change the clan mark
    • Fixed not being able to demote a rookie to a "red rookie"
    • Fixed clan disorganize warning incorrectly stating clan members would be removed from clan automatically (all members need to be kicked before disorganizing a clan)