Patch Notes - 2023-10-03 (Dragons!)

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Patch Notes - 2023-10-03 (Dragons!)
October 03, 2023

Hello community,

We are excited to announce our latest patch which sees a return of dragon mounts to the game! Additionally we've made a big change to the game arena queue. Check below for more details.

Dragon Mounts!

Battle Merchant Rena has returned to Junon Polis and she is looking for Draconis Peak badges. Earn badges by completed daily quests in Draconis Peak and when you've collected 3 and accumulated 10,000 honor points return to Rena to claim your dragon mount!

PvP Game Arena Queue - No Groups

We have disabled pre-made groups from being able to queue in game arenas, everyone must participate solo. Our goal by disabling pre-made groups is to reduce queue times and to reduce the chance of a one-sided match with a strong pre-made group on one side .This is the first step in our process to improve the PvP game arena balancing issues. In a future update we plan to extend these changes by distributing players more fairly by taking into account level, job and more. Stay tuned and please don't forget to give us your feedback!

Increased attack speed substat

The 2.5% attack speed substat in the highest substats was increased to 5%. We will be observing the effect of this change and may adjust this value again based on player feedback.

Halloween Event (October 13th)

Mark your calendars! The Halloween event will begin on October 13th, there will be plenty of activities to participate in, items to collect and more!


  • Game Arena:
    • Disabled groups in PVP game arenas (everyone must participate solo)
    • Added NPC Rena to Junon Polis
      • Rena exchanges Draconis Peak Badges for Dragon Mounts
    • Draconis Peaks: Increased maximum team size from 5 to 8
    • Sea of Dawn: Changed the Prismatic Lattice drop to Prismatic Fiber on Fallen Judge Talratha
    • Halls of Oblivion: Added Prismatic Dust & Prismatic Fiber to boss drop tables
    • Sikuku Catacombs: Added Prismatic Dust to boss drop table
    • Sikuku Catacombs: Removed 9th grade Bindrunes/Apotropes from boss drop tables (again, sorry)
  • Gameplay:
    • Increased the highest tier attack speed substat from 2.25% to 5%
    • Increased the leash distance for all summons to 40m
      • NOTE: This might change again in the future and currently only applies to summons and not monster capsules
  • Maps:
    • LCF: Added heal debuff to Astarot Jealousy
  • Items:
    • Mammoth Mount: Increased size of Mammoth Mount
    • Prismatic Fiber: Change color of item name from blue to purple
    • Fixed the following items causing the player to have incredibly low movement speed when equipped:
      • Cat Pads
      • Cow Legs
      • Dog Pads
      • Bear Pads
      • Dragon Talons
      • Jellybean Shoes
      • Lion Pads
      • Moldie Pads
      • Penguin Flippers
      • Woopie Pads
    • Demon Mana Fusion Boots: Fixed this item incorrectly disassembling into Muse gears
    • Plutorunes: Corrected incorrect description (+ added French translation)
    • Venurunes: Added French translations
  • Quest:
    • Changed the level range for the Healing Krawfy quest to levels 65-75
    • Fixed description of "A Miner Problem!"
  • UI:
    • Migrated the Options UI to the new UI system and fixed some long standing issues (e.g. volume slider, etc.)
  • Misc:
    • Add a crash report system so players can optionally share crash details with the team
    • Fixed sound effects not working in the background even when the option is selected
    • Updated the configuration file format
    • CvC decorations removed from Junon and Training Ground