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ROSE Anniversary!
December 14, 2023

Beloved ROSE Community,

Today officially marks 1 year since we re-released ROSE Online into early access and it has been quite a journey! We have accomplished a lot since last December, overcoming our initial stability issues. Long gone are the days where the server crashed or we needed to apply hot fixes regularly. Since then we've laid a lot of groundwork to take this game to new heights through our work on the new engine, our integration of a new UI system, sound system and other technical achievements. We have advanced the game through the addition of several new items, the introduction of new content such as Luna Clan Field and dueling, addition of new features such as WASD movement, shop saving, game controller support, Steam Deck compatibility and more. We have fixed hundreds of bugs, worked on balance and adjustments and constantly work behind the scenes to make this the best version of ROSE Online.

We could not have done it without this wonderful community and we would like to take the chance to celebrate our anniversary with everyone. As such we are launching a special anniversary event to celebrate!

For more details please see the post here: