Alpha Stress Test underway

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Alpha Stress Test underway
August 13, 2022

Hello all,

Sincerest apologies from the team for not making this announcement sooner but the alpha stress test is underway and will end tomorrow at 6PM ET time (12am GMT). If you'd like to participate in the alpha testing, here is the information you'll need to get started:

  • Download the client installer from:
  • Once the installer has completed, run the updater which will get the latest version of the game
  • At the login screen, please use your email address and password to login
  • Have fun!

We highly recommend joining the discord server at to get real-time updates regarding the alpha stress test.


  • Q: Will I be stuck on birth island

  • A: Yes...unless you find out how to escape...

  • Q: My updater is stuck at 100%

  • A:The updater may get slow down in the 95% - 100% or appear stuck at 100% for some time. This is a known issue that we are working on. For the time being, please just wait until the play button activates. This can take several minutes in some cases (5+)

  • Q: My updater immediately closes when starting

  • A: If the launcher auto closes it means it doesn't have enough permissions to update the folder you selected

  • Q: The update gives me different kinds of error messages

  • A: For the updater we don't support windows versions older than "Windows 10 Anniversary Update (also known as version 1607 and codenamed "Redstone 1")"

  • Q: How do I login

  • A: Please use your account which is your email address and password

  • Q: I can't login

  • A: Please make sure you use your email address and password. There's a current bug where if your password is more than 32 characters you won't be able to login so please reset your password if it's longer than 32 characters

  • Q: My updater has been stuck at 100% for 15+ minutes

  • A: There are still some bugs with our updater, if it's at 100% then create a file called bypass-launcher.cmd file in your installation folder and use it to start the game. The file should have this line in it:

trose.exe --init --server

We will try our best to respond to support requests on the forum but we recommend using discord for real-time support. Hope to see you online!